Hodinky s telefonem Q18 1.54" 2.5D OGS, NFC, BT, 2G SIM, SMS, kamera, kompas, přehrávač, záznamník, antilost

Chytré hodinky s telefonem Q18 (Apro), 1.54 2.5D OGS displej, 1.3MP kamera, NFC, BT, SIM, SMS, Facebook, handsfree, kompas, alarm, kalendář, záznamník, přehrávač, Anti-lost, monitor spánku, pedometr

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Poštovné ZDARMA   Skladem  

Získejte 79 věrnostních bodů. Za obsah košíku získáte 79 bodů , které si převedete na slevový kupón v hodnotě 8 Kč. <aktuální stav věrnostních bodů>

799 Kč

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   1.  Some functions need to work with the sim card, some functions need to work with the memory card which is not included in the watch and some functions need to work with the BT Notification app. You can scan the QR code to download the BT notification app or download other BT Notification app which is compatible with Q18S to your mobile phone.
       2.  A sim card is needed to be inserted into Q18S if you want to connect Q18S to internet; Internet link speed is very slow due to Q18S supports 2G network only,so it is not a good choice if you want to use Q18S to surfer internet;"Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Browser" almost can't be opened due to the very slow link speed to internet, so it is not a wise choice if you want to use those apps on the watch.
       3.  Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook are useless apps due to the watch supports 2G network only, they may be deleted from the watch without prior notice in order to optimize the watch's system.
FAQ of  Q18S Smart Watch
Q1.What kind of languages does Q18S support ?
A1.It supports   English, French, Spanish, Russian , Italian, Deutsch, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese.
Q2.Is it waterproof ?
A3. No, it's not waterproof. But it's ok to wash hands when you wear it.
Q3.Does all function works with IOS phone?
A3.Remote control camera function can not be used on IOS phone. Other bluetooth and apk function works with IOS phone.
Others: Alarm clock, stopwatch, touch-screen control,sms  notification(only support android),,remote camera(only support android),anti-lost (only support android),Browser,dial/answer call,sleep monitor,pedometer,alarm,play music,record,Sedentary Reminder etc.
Bluetooth transfer information (For android phone) whatsapp(Insert SIM card), Facebook(Insert SIM card), Timely information etc.
Q4.Can i change the strap of the Q18S smart watch?
A4.NO,the strap can't be changed.
Q5.Is it Touch Screen ?
A5.Yes, it is 1.56 inch Capacitive touch screen.
Q6.Does it support SIM card or TF card or Memory Card ?
A6.Yes, it support SIM card and TF card and memory card
Q7.How much free using memory?
A7.It's 4MB
Q8.Is there a camera on it ?
A8.Yes, it has camera
Q9.How long is the strap?
A8.The band is about 200mm. And the whole watch length is about 270mm.


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