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Chytré hodinky s telefonem Kaimorui, 1.3" AMOLED obrazovka, srdeční tep, monitor spánku, notifikace pro IOS i Android, BT

Calculator, Bluetooth, Thermometer, Pedometer, Pulse Meter, Chronograph, Calendar, Alarm Clock, Call Reminder, SMS Reminder, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Remote Camera, Time Display, Sedentary Reminder, Bluetooth Dialing, Recording, Audio Player, Video Player, Caller ID, Find Phone, Siri, Automatic Wake-up, Voice

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Poštovné ZDARMA   Skladem  

Získejte 129 věrnostních bodů. Za obsah košíku získáte 129 bodů , které si převedete na slevový kupón v hodnotě 13 Kč. <aktuální stav věrnostních bodů>

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 Kaimorui Smart Watch Passometer Monitor Heart Rate Support Smartwatch for IOS Android Bluetooth Smart Watches


Wearable devices monitors human activities through electronic sensors,and they are at the consumer electuonics level.It's normal for certain deviation.The user should treat data objectively.

Please do not compared to hospital equipment about reading,it is NOT a medical device.
Before using, scan the QR code on the manual to download the app and connect it to the watch with APP.

This smart watch is not waterproof, please don't wear it take bath or under rain

Feature 1:

*  Wonderful Round 1.3 Inch Screen



KW18(5-6_07KW18(5-6_08KW18(5-6_09KW18(5-6_10Feature 2:

* Compatible for Both Android and IOS PhoneKW18(5-6_11Feature 3:

* Bluetooth Notifications: You can access notifications, such as Facebook, Twitter SMS, BT Calls KW18(5-6_12KW18(5-6_13

 Feature 4:

* Two-in-one card Slot: Side SIM/TF card slot, PATENT design for smart watches, which makes it characteristic and convenientKW18(5-6_14

Feature 5:

*  Heart Rate Monitor (This function is for reference only and can not be used for medical data)KW18(5-6_15

Feature 6:

* Pedometer: Can reorder  your motion more accurately, by identifying movements and filtering noneffective movements intelligentlyKW18(5-6_17

Feature 7:

*  Sleep Monitoring: Sleep detection intimate, automatic monitor sleep time, depth, other parameters. Analyze sleep qualityKW18(5-6_18

Feature 8:

* Sedentary Remind: APP set an half an hour/ 1 hour/ 3 hours, regularly remind you to walk aroundKW18(5-6_19

Feature 9:

* Anti-lost: After connect the smart watch with your phone by bluetooth, if your exceeds 10 meters, both phone and watch will be KW18(5-6_20




F&Q of Smart Watch

Q1.What kind of languages does Smart Watch support?
A1.It supports Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Turkish; Japanese, Indonesian, German, French, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Burmese, Korean, Dutch

Q2.Is it waterproof?

This watch belongs to life waterproof level, after surface of this watch have drop water, please wipe dry with paper towel, do not force to prevent water drop fall into the product.

Q3.Can I change the strap of the smart watch?

A3. No, the strap cannot be changed. You need professional maintenance staff to replace the strap only.

Q4. Is it Touch Screen?

A4. This product have touch screen function.

Q5. Does it support SIM card or TF card or Memory Card?

A5. Yes, it supports Nano SIM card. TF card can be extended to 16GB.

Q6.Is there a camera on it? 

A6. No, it has no camera on it.

Q7.1.Can you see Skype messages on here?

A7. After you setting allowed to inform APP on the watch side, the watch can receive the WhatsApp and Skype, etc information messages

Q8.Can you run android apps on this phone?

A8.The product is belong to the function machine, cannot support android software management.

Q9.Does it work with Spotify?

A9.This watch belongs to the function machine, cannot connect Spotify.

Q10.Can it use Bluetooth headphones?

A10.This product cannot support bluetooth headset, it is a partner of bluetooth devices.

Q11.Can you change the watch face other than the three that come with it?

A11.The product belong to function machine, can not to change the software and hardware freely.

Q12.can it works like independent cell phone?

A12.Only insert SIM card can use to be a as mobile phone indepently.

Q13.Does this work without a sim card if i connect it to my android phone?

A13.Do not insert SIM card also can use bluetooth to connect phone,and achieve information push bluetooth phone, but cannot support this machine itself.

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